Benefits of “Call Of The Wild” Compostable Cloth

Benefits to All:

  • Exceptionally soft & easy to use.
  • Promotes healthier skin care, non-scented & no chemicals.
  • Large Size: 12 inches X 15 inches 60gm
  • Applications are ENDLESS!!

cloth benefits

Benefits to User & Environment:

  • Convenient Cloths for all remote hunting-fishing-camping.
  • Compostable soft cloth for all hygiene care.
  • Compostable Toiletry Cloth for 1 time use in the wilderness.
  • Compacted packaging for easy transportation.
  • 20 per sleeve & water tight circular carrying tin sold separately which holds 6 tabs.
  • Disposable yet reusable, can be rinsed many times.
  • Kid friendly and pet friendly in the home or on the go.

Directions for Use:

  1. Remove one Call Of The Wild compostable cloth from the package
  2. Place in water or pour (either under tap or drop in basin)
  3. Product will expand once water has absorbed into cloth
  4. Dispose with a clear conscience as this product is designed to decompose.